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From all of the cats and animals at our sanctuary – Thank Meuw!

Urban Feline has been a sanctuary and safe haven for cats and all kinds of animals since 2011. What started as a small labor of love from a home based business has grown into a unique example of how we can care for the animals of our community, build strong meaningful bonds with the animals in our homes, and that we can do it while helping to preserve our environment through awareness and action.

We’ve been there to take action and provide care for many years, but these are unusually trying times and now more than ever – WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Your donations are what enable us to offer these animals another chance at life. Together, we’ve created an amazing environment for these cats to live in. But we can only keep our bowls filled and the lights on with your support – and the more support we can rally, the more of a change we will be. By pledging to our cause with a monthly donation subscription, you’re not only helping ensure our sanctuary is here for these cats today, you’re becoming part of all their success stories of tomorrow. 

Please consider supporting Urban Feline’s sanctuary with a recurring monthly donation. With nearly 24k followers between FB and IG, if everyone supported us with only $1 per year that would be enough to cover 100% of our Sanctuary’s operating expenses. Unfortunately, we know the reality is that less than 1% will actually take some form of action. Be the 1%, and help us ensure we can be here for the kittens and cats of tomorrow.

Did You Know?

Our last resort (no-kill) sanctuary, is 100% funded by sales & patron donations. Please consider supporting Urban Feline’s sanctuary with a recurring monthly donation.

Breakdown of what your support contributes

$5 – Potty Box Assistance – We use pressed pine pellets as cat litter, and highly recommend it! It’s effective AND ECO FRIENDLY! 20 cats go through about 20lb per day. Help us keep the potty boxes clean for all of our cats! This contribution covers fresh litter supplies for 1 month for 1 cat.

$10 – Lab Assistant – We need help replenishing basic ingredients used in making our holistic medicine, like minerals, herbs, and salts. Help us keep our ingredients stocked and our medicine jars full! This contribution will re-stocking one of our 5 most frequently used ingredients.

$25 – Food – We make our own Holistic raw food right here in our humble little kitchen, every other week. This contribution is enough to cover all of the food ingredients for one month for one cat – and we currently feed 21 cats!

$50 – Boosters – We use boosters to help our immunocompromised cats push through some of the more common health challenges that all animals face. This covers 10 packs of 4 doses (40 doses in total)

$100 – Sponsor me! – Covers the basic needs of 1 cat for the month. If only 21 people sponsored 1 cat each with a monthly pledge, our basic sanctuary operating expenses, including rent, power, food, litter, and medicine, would ALL be covered!

$250 – Key Contributor – Most of our followers know us for our holistic medicine and pet food. We have been working hard on developing a solid line of quality purroducts in the areas of nutritional supplements, medicine and food for a few years now. With additional financial support like this, we can begin to save for our food and medicine permits, finally allowing us to openly sell our pawesome alternatives to conventional foods and medicines.

$500 – Guardian Angel – Many of us have suffered the loss of a pet due to illness or disease. Some of our most valuable work comes from our medical research and finding alternative treatments for our pets. Help us keep these unlikely survivors alive by supporting us as we endeavor to continue finding real holistic solutions to challenging diseases like Ringworm, Parvo, Pneumonia, and even Cancer.


  • Food $500
  • Water $5
  • Litter $100
  • Medicine $40
  • Power $200
  • Rent $1,200