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urban feline

Urban Feline, or UFé (yoo-fee) for short, is a charitable company with ethical business and manufacturing practices.


 simply purrfect ®

Our Origin Story

In May of 2005 I rescued an adorable pair of kittens from the shelter. Cheeto a male short-hair Mackerel tabby, and Leyla a female short-hair Bicolor black and white. They were not from the same litter, but they could not have been closer siblings.

It only took a day or two for me to notice that Cheeto was fearless of loud things. Then I noticed that his ears never moved, while Leyla’s were constantly pinpointing toward noises. Leyla also spent a lot of time licking the inside of Cheeto’s ears. That’s when it hit me… Cheeto was deaf.

I Had a Tough Decision

A car, dog or bicycle could end badly for him. So I decided to keep him indoors, and if Cheeto couldn’t go out then neither could Leyla.

I wanted to make up for their indoor limitation, so I visited some pet stores and brought home a cat post. Six months later the cool cat post was shredded to pieces. In a way, it was a good thing – they really used it! Yet they already needed a new one. Cat dad had to come up with another solution.

So I Got Creative

I used my engineering skills to craft my first cat tree. I never intended to create a business, until 2 years later and after everyone that came to visit told me “that’s the coolest cat tree ever!”.

I had found a calling – to make the coolest cat stuff ever, a complete line of all the things a cat owner might ever want fur a happy cat, while contributing to a good cause and helping to improve the lives of animals everywhere.

On January 1st, 2011, Urban feline, inc. opened for business. Cheeto and I were officially in business.