Perch (1 pc) – Made to order


Pictured in cover photo: Caramel w/Chocolate.
Primary color is the Panel (round part that backs up to the wall).
Secondary color is the interactive protrusion (Perch, Cradle, Basinett).
Available color options are displayed in the Primary and Secondary color option dropdown menu. See color palate in listing photos for color references.


Tight on floor space?
Our #WallCondos might be just what you need if floor space is a prized commodity when it comes to home decor. These wall condos don’t use any floor space, and can be installed in drywall, wood, and a variety of other wall surfaces. They feature a universal anchoring bracket, which lets you place any wall condo on any bracket already mounted on your wall, making it super easy to change things up. Plus, each bracket offers eight different mounting angles to choose from, allowing for small adjustments to your track (i.e.: widen or narrow a jump between two wall condos)

The Perch

The spring-board of our modular wall condos collection, creating a fun and challenging jumping point for your cats. Your cat can use the Perch as a jumping point between to distant places, as part of a track with other wall condos, or as a solitary unit near a window or other desirable viewpoint. Cats can jump onto them from any angle, and can even climb upside down on them.

A healthy alternative

wall condos aren’t just different and really cool looking, they’re great for helping to improving over all health. create fun and challenging tracks for your cat, on your wall. enriching your cats indoor environment without eating up valuable floor space.

…and they’re green!

our wall condos are between 15-50% recycled content by weight. help your cat, help shelter cats, and be green – all at the same time!

*includes anchoring bracket and mounting hardware and tool.


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