tight on floor space?
our wall condos might be just what you need! they don’t use any floor space, and can be installed in drywall, wood, and more. they feature a universal anchoring bracket, which lets you place any wall condo on any bracket. plus, each condo can be mounted at eight different angles.

the panel is an ultra-low profile option, designed as a vertical running-board making it easier to get up to higher placed wall condos. it’s ideal for walkways, between a dinning table and the wall, or when air space near the wall is very limited. it can also be used as a rebounding point for changing directions near a corner or across a hallway.

a healthy alternative
wall condos aren’t just different and really cool looking, they’re great for helping to improving over all health. create fun and challenging tracks for your cat, on your wall. enriching your cats indoor environment without eating up valuable floor space.

…and they’re green!
our wall condos are between 15-50% recycled content by weight. help your cat, help shelter cats, and be green – all at the same time!

*includes anchoring bracket, hardware and mounting tool.


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